Katherine Freund’s Taxi Service for Older People



Her knees aren’t great. She uses a cane. She doesn’t walk as quickly as she used to. And the nearest bus stop is a couple of miles away. She promised her kids she wouldn’t drive. So what now?


Well, first things first: she gets out those reading glasses and puts on that thinking cap because it’s time to figure out the route. Red line? Blue line? Oh, there’s a quick underground connection. Run to catch it?


Um, no.


Oh, for Pete’s sake. Where are the car keys?


“Only about 2 1/2 percent of the trips that older people take in the entire country are on mass transportation of any kind,” says Katherine Freund, an advocate for improving transportation for elders.


That means, to get to the doctor and the grocery store, to see friends and beat isolation, most older people are driving—whether they should be or not.

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By Leigh Ann Hubbard