Marc Agronin: Discovering the Power in Old Age



[Agronin] takes issue with the notion that nursing homes are “God’s waiting rooms,” as they’re often derisively called. His patients aren’t folks just waiting to die, he says. In How We Age, he wrote, “We imagine the pains of late-life ailments but not the joys of new pursuits; we recoil at the losses and loneliness and fail to embrace the wisdom and meaning that only age can bring.”


To Agronin, who’s working on a sequel to How We Age and helping to plan what will likely be the first dementia village in the United States, getting older is not a depressing roll down a gravestone-lined slope but an unfurling of untapped power and potential—an important life stage in its own right, bringing essential roles to fill and influences to make.

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By Leigh Ann Hubbard