Go beyond.

Leigh Ann Hubbard, professional freelance journalist


As a professional freelance journalist, I write engaging articles that go beyond the expected.


I investigate under-reported stories and delve into compelling, fascinating lives. I dig past rumors, speculation and baseless claims to root out the truth.

The world is packed with untold stories. I’ll work with you to illuminate the ones that matter.

My favorite topics include:

  • Southern culture: The South is rich with character and intrigue, strife and triumph. As a born-and-raised Mississippian with deep connections in the area, I’ll find the stories no one else is telling—and dig deeper into the ones people are.
  • Alaskan culture: In The Last Frontier, where I live part-time, life is unlike anywhere else in the United States. I know how to uncover the compelling stories readers will relish.
  • Health: I specialized in health journalism for 13 years. Gigs included managing editor of a national health magazine and editor of TheSurvivalDoctor.com, which I helped grow into the No. 1 survival-medicine website in the United States. I write articles that go beyond fluff and fads—articles that make a practical difference in readers’ lives.
  • Aging and long-term care: As one of the few freelance journalists in the United States with a specialty in aging, I understand how to reach and engage the massive boomer audience (about 75 million people). They crave in-depth articles to help them navigate the modern older age. That’s what I deliver.

Whatever the topic, when you work with me, expect professional service, a friendly rapport, and delivery on or before deadline. In addition, because I’m also an editor by trade, my articles are meticulously fact checked and self-edited. To speak with me about working together, email me at LA [at] LAHubbard.com.



“It has been a pleasure to work with Leigh Ann Hubbard. She has exceeded all expectations in her work for the Silver Century Foundation. Her work is thorough and accurate and her writing is clear, concise and compelling. She meets all assignment specifications and completes assignments on deadline. She is flexible, creative, reliable and professional.”

—Rebecca Fishkin, editor, Silver Century Foundation


Leigh Ann is a reliable writer, and despite that is incredibly creative. She really delivers.

—Patricia Raymond, MD, FACG, speaker and author


“I learned a lot from Leigh Ann, especially about tightening a story. If the piece is too long, she knows just how to edit it without losing anything of substance or changing the tone. She’s got good vision for a piece, and helps her writers every step of the way. Great editor, detail-oriented, knows her stuff and easy to work with!”

—Jill Weisenberger, MS, RD, nutrition consultant, writer and speaker


“You nailed it. Thank you.”

—Mike Powers, CEO/administrator, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital/Denali Center


“Amazingly written. I am missing words to describe. You did a great job and I truly thank you for that.”

—Dejana Enbashi, founder, Mi Puente Language Institute


Photos: (Top) One of my offices, a park in Alaska with a sometimes-frozen lake. (Middle) This is what 40 below feels like, in Fairbanks. (Bottom) A Mississippi business makes a welcome winter boast. (Below) In Northeast Mississippi, The B.T.C. Old-Fashioned Grocery reinvigorated an artist community near William Faulkner’s hometown. Plus, it offers an amazing fried bologna sandwich.