Expired Antibiotics

Excerpt from “Investigative Report: Do Antibiotic Expiration Dates Matter?” Though SLEP is often cited as proof your antibiotics will outlast your dog, what’s not often emphasized is the fact that most people don’t store their prescription medications ideally, like they’re stored in the study. For one thing, at home, prescription meds are usually in a […]

Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid (Editor)

I served as developmental editor and copyeditor of Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid before the book was submitted to the publisher’s editor. Reviews “That’s what I liked most about the Living Ready Pocket Manual. It’s well organized and explains in very simple terms each step in responding to a first aid emergency.” —The Survival […]

Survival Doctor’s Guides (Editor, Copywriter)

I edited The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Wounds and The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns from development to publication. I also wrote the marketing materials for them. The books reached number one and number two respectively in Amazon.com’s Kindle Safety and First-Aid category. Reviews “One of the things that I really enjoyed about the book is that […]