Power in Age

Excerpt from “Marc Agronin: Discovering the Power in Growing Old”: [Agronin] takes issue with the notion that nursing homes are “God’s waiting rooms,” as they’re often derisively called. His patients aren’t folks just waiting to die, he says. In How We Age, he wrote, “We imagine the pains of late-life ailments but not the joys […]

Henry Cisneros

Excerpt from “Henry Cisneros: Envisioning Neighborhoods for the New Old Age”: Though life expectancy has increased, today’s houses, neighborhoods and cities haven’t caught up with the times. Even when older homeowners can remodel their houses for changing mobility needs, as Cisneros’ parents did, they still need age-friendly neighborhoods, transportation and services to make aging in place […]

Taxis for Seniors

Excerpt from “Katherine Freund: Imagining a Future in Which Older People Won’t Need to Drive”: Her knees aren’t great. She uses a cane. She doesn’t walk as quickly as she used to. And the nearest bus stop is a couple of miles away. She promised her kids she wouldn’t drive. So what now? Well, first […]

Artist Colonies

Excerpt from “Trading the Porch Rocker for Poetry: How Tim Carpenter Is Inspiring Creative Aging”: “We’ve done poetry slams in wine bars where young people go to have yuppie food,” Carpenter says. “They see this group of 70- and 80-year-olds get up and start reading poetry. It just breaks the mold.” In 2005, Carpenter and […]