Midlife Exercise

Excerpt from “It’s Never Too Late to Exercise—but Starting by Midlife Is Best”: Harrison Caldwell had a good excuse for not being athletic: one of his legs was about a quarter inch shorter than the other, thanks to a childhood bout with polio. Plus, his feet were so flat that the Army turned him down […]

Aging Athletes

Excerpt from “When Athletic Ability Declines with Age: 6 Tips for Staying in the Game”: At 55 years old, Heidi Christensen relishes the chance to defy stereotypes. “You didn’t just get passed by an old person,” she says of the 20- and 30-somethings she zooms by on bike paths. “You got passed by an old […]

Creative Exercise

Excerpt from “Unusual Exercise: Sports Ideas for the Creative and Adventurous”: Here’s the truth of it: Some of us just plain don’t like jogging, and gyms give us the heebie jeebies. There. We said it. Nonetheless, our bodies rebel against our adamant decision not to move.