Language of “Old”

Excerpt from “Finding a New Word for Old”: Warren Wood is old. He’s proud he’s old. He advertises the fact that he is old by wearing a cap that says UFO in red letters. “What’s UFO?” people ask. “United Flying Octogenarians,” Wood, 86, of Carmel, CA, happily responds. All members of UFO—an international organization that […]

Online Mourning

Excerpt from “Living Through Death, Online: A New Approach to Age-Old Traditions”: In the 20th century, with hospitals, nursing homes, and young people just plain not dying as often, death receded from view and public mourning grew passé. “Grief was tacky; it was outdated. Now, having control over your grief was honored and respected,” Sweeney […]

Positive-Thinking Hype

Excerpt from “Of Pink Bears and T-Shirts: Science and the Hype of Positive Thinking”: “Positive feelings are signs of health; they do not cause good health,” says Howard S. Friedman, PhD, coauthor of The Longevity Project: Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade Study (2011). “Thinking positive thoughts will not cause […]