Language of “Old”

Excerpt from “Finding a New Word for Old”: Warren Wood is old. He’s proud he’s old. He advertises the fact that he is old by wearing a cap that says UFO in red letters. “What’s UFO?” people ask. “United Flying Octogenarians,” Wood, 86, of Carmel, CA, happily responds. All members of UFO—an international organization that […]

Concierge Medicine

Excerpt from “Membership Medicine: When the Doctor Is Always In”: At just 20 years old, membership medicine still carries a lot of controversy and questions. There’s the long-expressed concern that it could lead to a two-tiered health system, in which poorer people are shut out of the premier slots. But not as often brought up […]

Power in Age

Excerpt from “Marc Agronin: Discovering the Power in Growing Old”: [Agronin] takes issue with the notion that nursing homes are “God’s waiting rooms,” as they’re often derisively called. His patients aren’t folks just waiting to die, he says. In How We Age, he wrote, “We imagine the pains of late-life ailments but not the joys […]

Older Organs

Excerpt from “Why Older People Don’t Register as Organ Donors—and Why They’re Sorely Needed”: Though concerns about age and health are the main reasons older people cite for not becoming organ and tissue donors, some other factors do come into play. For one thing, organ transplantation is relatively new. It made the news in the […]

Medical Journalism

Excerpt from “Behind the Scenes: How the Media Reports on Research”: I’ve worked as a health journalist for over a decade, with a specialty in aging for much of that time. I started out with an unusual educational leg up: my father, James Hubbard, a family doctor and writer, taught me key points about understanding […]

Successful Aging

Excerpt from “Successful Aging—It’s Not Impossible”: In 1984, screaming teenagers celebrated the launch of the irreverent MTV Video Music Awards, and the popular movie Footloose preached freedom for young people against the tyranny of stuffy, middle-aged fogies. To be young was to be free and cool. And to be older? Think Murder She Wrote, which […]

Midlife Exercise

Excerpt from “It’s Never Too Late to Exercise—but Starting by Midlife Is Best”: Harrison Caldwell had a good excuse for not being athletic: one of his legs was about a quarter inch shorter than the other, thanks to a childhood bout with polio. Plus, his feet were so flat that the Army turned him down […]

Henry Cisneros

Excerpt from “Henry Cisneros: Envisioning Neighborhoods for the New Old Age”: Though life expectancy has increased, today’s houses, neighborhoods and cities haven’t caught up with the times. Even when older homeowners can remodel their houses for changing mobility needs, as Cisneros’ parents did, they still need age-friendly neighborhoods, transportation and services to make aging in place […]

Aging Athletes

Excerpt from “When Athletic Ability Declines with Age: 6 Tips for Staying in the Game”: At 55 years old, Heidi Christensen relishes the chance to defy stereotypes. “You didn’t just get passed by an old person,” she says of the 20- and 30-somethings she zooms by on bike paths. “You got passed by an old […]